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Signal in through the headphone port?


I'm new here. Please be kind.

I have a slightly odd question abouy my HTC Desire. Is it it possible to record using the headphone port as a signal input? As in, plug a signal out (from a recording desk or similar) into the headphone port and record the signal?

I can find no reference to such a thing in the manual, or anywhere on the internet, so I am assuming it is not readily possible, but is it possible at all?

It could be possible theoretically as the headphone socket is also a microphone socket (think integrated headsets). You'd need a custom plug as the connections won't be in standard positions on the 3.5mm jack - it'll have be a four-position connector with (I think) the Line In moved from tip to the highest ring - and you'd need some form of software which was capable of recording from Line In (does Voice Recorder work with a headset?)

This is, as I said, theoretical (ie, I've just made it up), so usual disclaimers apply.
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Line level / mic level - it doesn't much matter; if you have one you can produce the other. The question was more about whether it was possible to use the headphone jack 'backwards', so to speak, which you have now answered - thanks!

(Dull weekend. Hmmm. We're heading for winter, the racing season is long gone and there is never anything good on TV. I think we're thinking the same thing here!)

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