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Help Slide to answer/decline calls - problematic


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Dec 21, 2009
So, the slide to answer / decline "feature" on my EVO is driving me crazy. I keep the phone in my pocket. When I go to answer it, it will generally auto answer or auto decline a phone a call.

Is there a replacement screen for this? I'm rooted, so I could go w/ a different ROM if needs be? Or a mod or something?

I -hate- this issue.

I've seen other people talk about it - but w/ no resolution.
I think widget locker will work better. I suppose I could still accidentally answer by pressing the red answer button. I would prefer a pattern to answer, if possible.

unfortunately setting a pin or pattern lock in security doesn't work...the call comes through on the screen without unlocking and it even disables the previously mentioned widget locker method and the slider comes back :mad:
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