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Root slidevillain vs. villain6

Villain 6 is a little better IMO, maybe a little faster. It's nice to have the Hero version of Sense back. Plus you can overclock it (if you want to).

Titanium Backup is the way to go for apps. Not so sure about contacts; mine are all Google contacts so I don't have to worry about that. What are your contacts saved as, Phone, SIM or Google?

Oh and GPS has worked on both for me just fine. I don't use it normally but I've tested it on both ROMs it's managed to lock onto me :)
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Yeah, I switched to it pretty much as soon as it came out :p

I guess the main difference (besides it being the HTC Sense you're used to), is that it runs a newer kernel (Which to non-devs like us means the drivers for the phone's hardware I believe). Not only does this new kernel allow you to set the processor to run a bit faster (at your own risk of course), but it improves the responsiveness of the touch screen somewhat.

This thread is full of people's impressions.
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Well, essentially everything not on the SD card or SIM will get wiped. So it depends what you want to save. I always just back up my apps and of course my contacts and emails are saved with google. You can save your texts too. A big benefit of titanium backup is that it backs up your apps data too, so your programs remember their settings.

I believe there are apps that will back up and restore the phone's own settings, but I've never bothered with them.
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