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Help Slow Charging Time

I turned my off to charge it. Problem is, there does not seem to be any LED activity to show what the status of charging is. No blinking or anything. Maybe it will turn solid green or something when it finishes charging?

Anybody know?

If the phone is on when you charge it, do you get some sort of LED activity?
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What charger did you guys get? I'm using the regular desk dock right now (not HD dock), plugged into wall.

I'm using the one it came with.

So far after nearly 5 hours. (4 hours 45 minutes) it has charged from 40% up to 70%.

This is a little ridiculous! My droid X would charge from a dead battery to full (extended battery) in less than 5 hours!
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Not sure, I won't have that problem :D Got 1 Battery in the Phone and the other one in the External Battery Charger ... which I might add the external charger charges quiet fast.

Where did you get your external charger? I've been looking for one. I have an extended battery along with the original battery but that doesn't really help without and external charger.

On my OG Droid I swapped out 3 batteries and never plugged in the phone for a charge. That is a great way to do it. When I knew I had a long day or on vacation I had extra batteries in my pocket.

So ThatGuy, please tell me where you get the external charger.


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We got it as a part of the BIONIC bundle via CostCo - but you can get the same thing from Motorola for sure: DROID BIONIC by Motorola - Android Social Smartphone - Overview - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

In the section under the phone are the related accessories - the one called Battery Dock

Hi John,

Thank you for the reply.

For $60 I'll have to hold off on that for now.

I got my External charger for my OG from Seidio for about $30 but they don't have them for the Bionic yet. The charger has different plates that snap in for different batteries so I'm hoping that they will sell just the plate. I know, wishful thinking.

But thank you for your quick reply.

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