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Root So I rooted my phone months ago

Hey byzkit. This is from your all things root sticky:

How to Flash A Custom ROM-

Download a ROM of your choice fromthe All Things Root section (The Forum you are in) You canfind directlinks to each of them in the All Things Root Guidethatis stickied at the top of this forum.

1- Once downloaded, its recommended to download it fromyour computer and place it on your phone, put it on the root of your internal or external sd cards.Root meaning not in a folder.

2- Reboot into recovery using Quick Reboot.

3- Using your volume keys to scrolland your power key to select, scroll down tand select "Wipe data/Factory Reset" then scroll to "Yes" and select.

4- Scroll down and select "Wipe Cache Partition" and then select "Yes"

5- Scroll down and select "Advanced" and select "Wipe Dalvik Cache" and then select "Yes" then scrolldownand select "Go Back"

6- Sroll down and select "mounts and storage" then scrolldownand select ONLY these 3 listed, "format data" and then select "Yes", then scrolldownand select "format cache" and then select "Yes", then scrolldownand select "format system" and then select "Yes". Then scrolldownto and select "Go Back"

7- Then scrolldownto "InstallZip From Sd", if you put the ROM on your external SD card select "choosezip fromSD".If you put it on your internal scrolldown and select 'choosezip frominternal". Then after you selected one of those depended on where you put the ROM, scroll down and select the ROM and then Select "Yes".

Let it run and do its thingand once itsays its done, select "reboot system now" and enjoy

If you just follow the instructions step by step it seems pretty straight forward! Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something in the steps. I'm not a pro with this device but can help with hopefully some general knowledge stuff. I can probably at least help you through the steps if you have some questions.
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Hey byzkit! I've never used either rom as I don't have your device. Generally flashing roms is pretty simple. Also one of the great things about being rooted is that you can try different roms easily. According to the instructions for your device that I posted it seems pretty much like any other. The simple broken down instructions :

Download rom
Place on sd card
Boot into recovery
Make backup
Wipe data
Wipe cache and dalvik
Install zip from sd
(the zip being your rom)

That's mainly it.

If you hate the new rom, boot back into recovery and restore the backup you made!
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