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So who's disappointed it's not going to Verizon!

I'm disappointed.

  • Darn you to heck.

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I'm disappointed as can be. I well understand but still bummed. I have a business family plan with VZW with devices strung along like pearls on a necklace. I'd change carriers but the big V has footprint I need to operate successfully. The Honor would be the perfect phone to put in the field. I don't want to hear all about how great a value the Honor is... will just hurt my feelings.
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I'm disappointed it's not compatible with Sprint, but not surprised since other manufacturers (like OnePlus) also only put GSM phones out.

Sure if they wanted to do a Sprint or Verizon version, they'd have to get on-board with those carriers and customize to their acquirements, i.e. bloat. etc. OnePlus "Never Settle" hasn't done that at all, not with any carriers. They sell phones themselves or through Amazon. Might be the same with Honor "No Nonsense" as well.

Think there's really only one phone that's sold by US CDMA/EVDO carriers that avoids bloat, crippling etc, and that's the Apple iPhone, which is sacred. :thumbsupdroid:
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