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Help Software Number ???


Sep 3, 2011
Can anyone help with the info I need. Ive just recieved a replacement phone from my network provider due to the problems mentioned after the recent update from HTC (basically useless phone, calls going to answer phone, messages coming through very late) I didn't tell them I had installed the update, but just about the symptoms, and they agreed the handset was faulty,,,, thing is, My new replacement is, if anything WORSE than the one Ive just sent back ??? Does anyone know the original 'Software Number' should be on the Desire S, mine is showing which is the same as my old one which had the new software download on it. Im just trying to find out if they have sent me a recon phone that someone else has sent back with the same problem. Any help would be great, as im ready to rip what little hair I have left out. Regards, Mike. :mad:
Just another one, maybe clutching at straws here, im no expert with phones, is there anyway to reverse the update, I know a factory reset doesn't work, or alternatively, to run on a newer software like android 2.3.4 for example, as it only seems to be the update that has caused the problems that everyone is having, again, sorry if my questions seem obvious, but for someone like me (I haven't got a clue what 'rooted' means lol) its all a bit technical, Regards, Mike.
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I'm fairly certain the original, stock O2 ROM (software version) was

Mine is on Orange, would that make a difference do you think ???
I didn't check the software version on my last phone before I installed the update, but after it was showing Software No:, which is exactly the same as what is showing on my new phone that I recieved this morning, so im confused as to weather my new one has been updated before it has reached me, ie, its not new, being sent back and possibly reconditioned by orange and sent back out ?
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(I assumed you were on O2 because of all the O2-related activity on this forum. I should have verified which one you wanted.)

Each carrier has their own version of the ROM, so it will make a difference. is the lastest version of the Orange ROM.

The original ROM that came with the Desire S on Orange was/is

The only way you can 'reverse' the update is by rooting your phone and flashing a copy of the original ROM to it. If you returned your phone to be repaired in a rooted state, or with any signs of it having been rooted, then, technically, its warranty would be invalid.

I would think that all newly manufactured phones will carry the latest software version of their carrier. (Some phones with old ROMs might still be in warehouses or shops, waiting to be sold.)

If you made a note of the IMEI (it'll be on the original box) that came with your phone when you first got it, that would go some way to verifying if the phone you have now is new (or reconditioned - someone elses old one), or your old one.
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I would think all phones that leave a repair centre or are brand new will ship with the lastest ROM, especially when its been out for a few weeks. From other threads, it looks very unlikely you'll ever get a repair centre to roll back the software version for you, as older software gets deleted.

Good to know Orange swaps phones on the doorstep. Is that part of the standard contract or was it a courtesy?
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Not sure weather its part of the contract or not, but in the 10 years ive been with them, they will usually ask a few questions, suggest maybe a few things to try, the usual factory reset, try sim in another phone etc, but I only phoned yesterday (sunday) told them i'd done a reset, sim swap etc etc, and my new phone was here at 1pm today.

BUT, as you stated, it has the newer software installed on it ???
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