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Spam A LOT


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May 9, 2017
My friend made the stupid mistake of looking at porn online and now his phone is just blowing up with the crap, and of course the fake virus alerts. I think it might be from Chrome. There is a new message or five or however many about every minute. I've tried removing them for him but they just keep returning. Those pictures sure aren't family friendly. What can we do to stop it?
Cclean it quickly, uninstall the browser, right click on history and it should, well that will only temp wipe down some data, hmm, digging through the interfererance, maybe he could just cut out the crap out when the family's there :) There is always several ways you could, just throw out the old browser and put it inside chrome, activate flags, profilt.. :)
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So, wait... over a billion people in China and you can only watch cartoon pr0n? They're having an awful lot of babies for a bunch of folks who can't monetize the process, just sayin'

I thought that the obvious answer to this was that they are too busy doing the real thing to bother watching others do it.

The cartoons are just for entertainment.
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It seems to me they'd all be exhausted from assembling cheap gadgets to sell us to have much energy left for that sort of thing... perhaps @mikedt can illuminate whether some extra-fertile people are employed to do nothing else but make babies. Heck of a gig, if you can get it...


Don't look at that stuff online unless you have a VPN, firewall, Tor Browser, and malware scanner installed. Better yet, find a cute spouse who loves you back, and get busy!
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