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Spigen Neo Hybrid.


Jan 21, 2013
Hey, guys. I'd like to know if anyone has had any issues or troubles using the Neo Hybrid. I've heard it's one of the best, if not the best, case for the S4. Less bulk, decent protection, great looks. I'm looking to buy one, so if anyone could just tell me if it's worth it and if L-shaped headphones would fit in the jack.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Cheers! :D
Had mine about a month and it's peeling.

Got mine for two weeks, no issues other than the bottom cracked when I dropped it. To be fair, it was a pretty good drop onto the concrete. It did it's job though... S4 is still scratchless and in tact.

Also, word on the street is Spigen will replace yours if it's peeling. Bad batch. They are also selling frames only for $10/11 on Amazon.
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Wanted to report back on my experience with this case. First off I do love the look and feel. It is an awesome case. Unfortunately, the band around the edge of the case just recently broke down by the USB port. There are thin strips that are fairly fragile apparently and once the first one cracked, the second one wasn't too far behind. I baby my phone, so I am fairly surprised that this occurred. No drops. Has anyone else had this issue? I guess I will buy the stand alone frame to replace the broken one and see if it happens again.
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I've had mine for about 3months now, and after a 3" fall onto a hardwood floor, the bottom of the frame by the USB port broke. The red paint is slowly but surely flaking away as well. I really like this case and am wondering if I should get a replacement or go with a different brand.

I ended up getting a Neo-Hybrid knockoff off eBay. It seems to be better constructed than the authentic (junk) one. I grabbed it delivered for $17. Definitely worth looking in to, IMO.
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I posted up a thread recently here about my experience with the Neo Hybrid case and the company behind it, Spigen. I purchased a knock off from ebay thinking it was an original. It wasn't so I then ordered an original. I loved the case when I received it. It's a great design. However, that's where the 'loving' part ends. Not long after having it the color, yellow in my case, started to wear off on the corners. Then, as others have experienced, the case broke at the charging port. I contacted Spigen. They responded asking for my order number even though I registered the product with them. I responded and I am yet to get a response from them. I believe that was about a month and a half ago now. Done. I will never purchase another Spigen product nor will anyone around me.

My issues: -Case color wore off
-Case broke at charging port
-Company does not stand behind their product and warranty it. Ignorance
of your customers is NOT a good customer service policy.

On another note, I am back using the knock off case and it has been much much more durable. I will stick to the knock off. Gotta support those who can actually perfect a product or design.

I got roasted on here by someone who defended Spigen. Great, glad someone had a positive experience. I voiced my experience and it was NOT a good one. The more I read about Spigen the more I am reading about people who are having the exact same experience as me. My suggestion? Skip Spigen and go with another company.
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I've had this case for 5 months now. I've dropped the phone, and quite frankly, I haven't been careful at all with it - no breaks yet. In fact, after 4 months, I liked it so much I bought another frame on Amazon to switch up the color once in a while.

The only downfall is that I've had to shave down all of my USB cables so that they fit inside the case/port (except for the stock cable which fits fine). I do understand that the case is designed to protect, yet be so slim that I'm guessing the manufacturer had to compromise on the USB slot size to facilitate such a slim case.

I see no reason to switch to another more bulky case at this point.
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Sorry to hear that others have had trouble with their NeoHybrid cases. Like others, my NeoHybrid (purchased in May-June 2013) cracked around the USB port. But it my case Spigen was very responsive and issued a replacement within a day or so.

First, I contacted their customer service to report the problem. I can't remember if the first contact was thru their website, or via Amazon Marketplace, but the rest of the conversation routed through Amazon Marketplace.

(Maybe this is why it was easier for me than for other people since they could see I bought a legitimate non-knockoff NeoHybrid and could prove where I bought it?)

They asked me for a photo of the problem area, which I sent. They immediately sent me a new NeoHybrid hard plastic frame (they didn't send me the black neoprene skin, just the hard frame).

It's been really great ever since. Just comparing the photo of the original frame to the replacement, it looks like they very subtly thickened the plastic opening around the USB port in the most recent set of frames they manufactured. Zero problems since then.

I would recommend that anyone who bought through Amazon contact Spigen via email and see if you can get a replacement frame.
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