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Sprint Hotspot Feature with 2.2 ?'s


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Feb 10, 2010
So I never tested it on 2.1. I opened it up but never more than that. Well started messing with it last night after I did the 2.2 upgrade that was later pulled. Well it works and I never had the hotspot feature added to my account.

I read that there is possible a "30 Day Trial" with can anyone confirm that? Was it 30 days from when you got the phone or from the first time you use the hotspot? I've had the phone since launch day.

Could this be a glitch and why they pulled it since it's working without having the "SOC" code on my account? Any ideas?
Where is the hot spot app and what is it called? I see nothing in the apps list called hotspot or wifi.

Nevermind, I found it in settings and turned it on. I get the error code 67 as well. Must be checking for hotspot on the account.

it's called "sprint hotspot" in the apps list, too.

i also get 67, but was able to connect to my laptop anyway, just no internet.

looks like it's pdanet for me.
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no go here either, error 67 i can't wait for root to come out for 2.2 so i can have my wireless tether back

It's out. And my wireless tethering is working.

I'm using the Stock (rooted) 2.2, netarchy-toastmod kernel, and the 2.0.5 pre 4 wireless tethering.

But I currently only have a 3MP camera. :eek: Not a huge deal since I don't use it a lot, and the h264 codec being used in 2.2 makes everything look nicer.
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So my phone is now over 1 month old. Ever since I had it, the 4G hotspot tether was enabled. The 3G doesn't work but 4G works, faster than my wireless at home lol.

Now I'm sure I didn't ask for it when I activated my phone. I even checked my statements several times and there isn't a $30 charge for it. I thought it was free for 1 month as I've read on other forums, but its PAST one month now and I still have it.

Things to note. I'm still on 2.1 and never did any software updates, in anticipation for a rooted 2.2 to come out, so I can freely tether...how ironic..

There isn't much discussion about this. So for those of you who aren't rooted and didn't pay for the hotspot, did/do you have 4G hotspot on your phone? If so, where u charged? If you upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2, did it disappear?

To see if it works, first turn on 4G, then turn on hotspot. If it doesn't give you an error message, it should be working. To check, tether something to the connection. I don't know whats up but if I keep not getting charged, obviously I'm staying silent.
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