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Root sprint hotspot question


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Aug 8, 2012
sorry i didnt know where to put this but i have the sprint hotspot app and when i click enable it doesnt give me the sprint warning which would say i dont have this add on. Do i have the hack sprint hotspot app. Will sprint know if i use it
i got mikg rom
stock i think sense if thats what your asking
i moved you to the rooting section.

mikg is not stock but a hybrid of stock with elements of sense 2.1 and sense 3.0 cooked in.

you do not have to worry with the hacked sprint hotspot and sprint. you will not have to pay extra for using it. but i would be careful with how much data you use with it.
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okay thanks they should because i have unlimited but i dont thanks for info

You do have unlimited data, but they can still monitor what that data is being used for. Its gonna look awful suspicious if your "phone" is logging onto the playstation network for online gaming.

Just be careful what you use it for, and dont use a ton of data with it.

People HAVE gotten caught doing this.
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