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start to safe mode


Sep 12, 2021
Hello everyone . After uninstalling the MAGISK root on my Samsung s10e (root which was present when the phone was purchased), the phone only reboots in safe mode. I even formatted the phone from this safe mode but still can't access the interface, it automatically redirects me to safe mode showing an android logo with the danger symbol. How do I deal with this problem?
yet another reason to never buy a phone used over the internet.

so rebooting the phone does not take it out of safe mode? and are you sure you are in safe mode and not something else?

you might have to just re-flash a firmware update. you will need to first find the exact model number of your device and then head here:https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/ after that just follow directions on the site. please remember that firmware updates are VERY device specific so make sure you get the right model number.
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If that S10e was already rooted when you bought it, presumably it's a pre-owned phone -- Samsung phones do not get sold as pre-rooted devices. Just note that being rooted, there's no definitive way for you to be sure it has or hasn't been compromised in some way. Well unless you bought it from a someone you know and trust implicitly. Otherwise casual, off-the-shelf hacks sold in the consumer market are relatively more apparent to detect with a trained-eye (and no, there's no online help forum that's going to be able to help you do this in a practical manner as it's very much a hands-on kind of task), but the better, more advanced and insidious hacks out there are much harder to detect and even more so to remove.
At this point, this phone should be considered to be unsafe to use even if it wasn't having the problem you posted. Your best option is to just flash a stock Samsung ROM which should restore it back into working condition. Flashing a stock ROM will reinstall a clean, non-rooted Android operating system and a stock Recovery.
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