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Root stock rom after unroot

Yes unrooted. Revolutionary root.

Expert83...tried last night with fail to communicate with phone...trying again today. I have a defective usb port on phone i think is causing the issue.

Have you tried doing this?


Unrooting section, I did this just a few weeks ago and it worked like a champ ;)

There should be a stock .zip file in there that includes the stock ROM that comes with the phone that is flashed through the bootloader.
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yes, at bottom of unroot section is the RUU file for stock. Got the RUU working, holding my breath that usb cord stays connected. Cant touch anything.

Just finished and rebooting. Ok, looks like my evo was just unpacked. Thanks for assisting. Wasnt hard just issue with charge port made difficult.

Probably be back later with replacement evo the start rooting again..
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