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Help Sudden Keyboard Change


Feb 10, 2011
Yesterday when I woke up my keyboard had suddenly changed to some new style that I absolutley cannot stand.

Instead of showing the letters as you type them and presenting you with possible word choices under the word box, it instead puts the letters you type into a vertical box and does not put any letters into the message box until you select one of the possible choices. If you do not select one and only press space it selects one (often wrong) choice for you. please.. HELP.

I had deleted some old apps (games) that I didn't use the night before but I cannot image that is the cause of this problem. Please work with me so I can tolerate texting again
This is a picture of my problem. Sorry for the rotation issue:


Per your screen shot, you're using the Swype keyboard. Is that what you normally use? It sounds like you may want to use the multi-touch keyboard. If that's the case, long press in any text area, clikck on input method and choose multi-touch keyboard.
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