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Switching back and forth between Droid Eris and DInc on one Verizon line?


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Mar 18, 2010
I have two Android phones for Verizon, and I want to switch back and forth between them periodically for a few days. I know I can activate by doing *228 option 1, or by going through Verizon Online.

My question is this. Say I've been using my DInc for awhile and I have it set up with my Gmail account, my Exchange account, etc. Then I activate the Droid Eris for a few hours or days, which is setup with a different Gmail account, etc. Then I want to re-activate the DInc. Will I have to re-setup any of my accounts on the DInc when I reactivate it, or will it it simply pick up where it left off and have all of my old accounts, settings etc.?

In other words, will I have to do a hard reset each time I re-activate the phone? Or can I seamlessly switch back and forth between the 2 phones with little or no hassle?

And in case anybody is wondering, the reason I need to do this is because I bought an Eris for my wife, but I want to test it for a day or two before she starts using it so I can make sure it works properly and/or fix any bugs before I give it to her (she is not very adept at dealing with buggy phones).

Thanks for any advice.
No, no hard resets. Just sign into my verizon on your computer, and go to "activate my phone" and put in the phone you want's API (i think that's what it's called, it's under the battery).

Alternatively, just dial *228 of the phone you want to use, and it will activate that one. But make sure your other phone is OFF when you do this.
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