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Help Swype Annoyance


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When I type the number 1 (when I long press 'R' or go to the keypad) spellcheck wants me to type 10q. So if I want to type in 1, I have to either select 1 from the spellcheck menu or just delete the 0 and q. It also does this when I try and type 10; it wants me to use 10q. Also, when I want to type '2' it wants to change it to '2nd'.

I have never typed 10q (yes, I tried to see if I could delete it from spellcheck - can't do it), and I hardly ever say 2nd. This is really annoying when trying to type.

Any idea(s) how to fix this? Is it happening to nayone else?
There are some words I cannot seem to delete from Swype, no matter how hard I try. I can't tell you how many times I've typed "se" instead of "see" (I know, scribble over the E, but I REALLY have to scribble to get it to work). I keep trying to delete "se" with no success.

Also, I have a friend named O'dea in my contact list, and it keeps wanting to type out O'dea when I want to type in idea... if I try to delete O'dea from my dictionary it never works.
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just downloaded slideit soft keyboard for evo and was not impressed. now i can't get rid of it. tried changing it in settings with no luck and have deleted it from applications and it will not go away. i like the original keyboard better and for the life of me, i can't get rid of the new one. SUGGESTIONS????
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Try disabling it before you uninstall. On 2.2, Go to any Home Screen->Menu->Settings->Language & keyboard and uncheck slideit.

If that still doesn't work.. go to Settings->Applications->Running services and disable SlideIt's ServiceUpdate service and try the uninstall again.

Note: I run SlideIt, but I've never uninstalled it, and I'm not about to, yet :)
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The constant spellcheck fails from swype are really driving me bonkers. Every time I type "good" it has to give me a popup telling me that it was hidden by "gipps" which is the last name of a facebook acquaintance. And because we're facebook friends, I can't delete the word, ever. I can live with having to correct it manually, but does swype have to give me a popup EVERY TIME telling me about how to delete words? I CAN REMEMBER HOW TO DO IT. I WOULD DELETE IT IF IT WORKED.

I could swear I heard there was an update coming out? Would HTC have to push the update to me, or is there a faster way? I love swyping, but the glitches are overwhelming
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I finaly did the swype tutorial, but I don't know how to switch between swype and the qwerty keyboard. What am i missing? I went into the keyboard settings and checked swype but when it go to type a text message I get the standard qwerty keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Now that you have enabled Swpye, to use it, go to any text input area and long-press, then tap on Input method, then tap on Swype. The next time you enter text, you will use Swype.
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Does anyone know a better/ more efficient way to edit the dictionary instead of the "type-highlight-delete" method?

I wish there was one. I tried to find out with no luck. Maybe someone could write an app to access the Swype dictionary directly. This and the "hidden word" popup are the two biggest annoyances for me with Swype.

Still, I like Swype quite a bit. It beats the hell out of the Android keyboard (though I have not tried the Gingerbread one yet).
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With the EVO you cannot remove words from the dictionary that begin with a number. so the 10q example cannot be removed once you have used it.

To delete all the words that have been entered and start over, go to you application setting, select swype, and clear the data.

This will remove all words saved since you started using swype.

My wife has an EPIC, and it does allow you to remove words that begin with numbers.
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