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Help syncing calendars


Aug 17, 2010
I know that you can sync from your Outlook calendar (laptop) to your Google calendar and vice versa, and obviously you can sync Outlook to phone's pcsync calendar, and Google to phone's Google calendar. My question is: Can I sync my PHONE'S Google calendar to my PHONE'S pcsync calendar? (And, if so, how?)

Here's why: I don't use Microsoft Exchange, so I have to manually sync my phone via USB cable. USB cable--no problem. Manually--problem, because it takes time. Sometimes I have to make last-second changes to the calendar, pertinent to appointments, RIGHT before I leave for the appointment. Or, I just flat-out forget to manually sync before I leave the office.

I would just use the Google calendar, but appointments with several attendees are sent to my work email account, not to my gmail account, so I use Outlook for those and then go in and manually copy the information onto my Google calendar. Oh, and the Google sync software sucks, otherwise I'd just use that.

Any thoughts?


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