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Root TBH Kernel Updater-X stuck on Boot Logo


Android Enthusiast
Jul 27, 2010
SF Bay Area
Tried to load the THB Kernel update and it's stuck on the bootup logo. I pulled the battery but it just sticks on the logo. I went into Moto Recovery and wiped data/factory reset. It's still stuck on boot logo. I am on .320

I am guessing I need the TBH .320 full sbf, how do I get this if I cannot get to the app?

Any advice is appreciated!!!
Thanks Steven! I didn't know that had been updated or that new file was out there, good to know. I did however have the DL for the system only TBH 2.3.340 sbf on my pc. So now I am up to .340 too!

I am back in business and it broke my cherry. First time I flashed the phone. Not so bad after all...

Thanks again all, there was some angst, I admit it. Whew, I need a beer.
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