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Root tethering not working right!!!

What do u mean? i did not get it.

Edit: figured out what u meant..just tried doing it and still the same thing

I'm actually having the same problem. Tried upgrading to beta 12 of wifi tether and nothing has changed. It's strange because I can connect to xfire, play online games (if I wanted), and go on YouTube. But no other site will work that I've tried.

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I've been using the one that is in the roms.. just WiFi tether... it's. worked great till yesterdat. now I get a message from metro PCs saying "WiFi teetering is not supported" but only on some sites... Th and you tube work fine .. I'm rooted and everything... any ideas???

Maybe it has to do with the new plan tiers. What plan are you on:thinking:
Perhaps its their way of throttling you if you have been tethering a lot.
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Im having the same issue, Im using a Samsung Galaxy Attain but its just started happening 2 days ago... Im using a user agent switcher as a temp fix but id still love full access like i used to have... my phone is rooted and i have the issue with the 4g hotspot feature thats built in, wireless tether by muller, foxfi and pda net all give me the same exact results.
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does anyone know the user agent for the lg esteem browser?

Man this is slooooow :thumbdown:
Still waiting for the page to load on my laptop to respond
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