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Help Text lag


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Nov 4, 2009
Since switching to the EVO, my text messages take longer to arrive, and if friends send multiple messages, it'll take part 2 or 3 an extra few minutes to arrive, leading me to make stupid/embarassing replies when I don't have all the info yet. The lagged messages even come in with old timestamps, and thread themselves back above my replies.

I never got lagged texts on the Moment, and this thing's way faster. What's going on? My bro's EVO does the same thing.
I just got the phone, so I maybe have 100 texts across all threads.

I'm not really sure what the priority setting is for (in messaging options), but I changed it to high to see if that changes anything.

Edit: as I suspected, making it high priority just makes my texts have a ! next to them. No help. Bugger.
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