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Help Text message notifications in the notifaction toolbar dont go away until I lock phone

anyone have any ideas? cmon :(

When I have had this happen I have to open the message and touch the text input box and it clears the notification. Dont have to type anything, just touch the text box to place the cursor there and then close.

I have not once never ever had the notification sound play more than once. Thats just wierd, and very cool if I could get mine to do that with the stock messaging app....
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Its an app was doing it for me today also had to uninstall beautiful widget pack 2 and it stopped

DAMN you were right! Thanks a lot for posting that! That was bugging the hell out of me! I uninstalled Beautiful Widgets 2 and it works correctly as soon as I uninstalled it. I never even used that app anyhow. I don't even really like Beautiful Widgets 1 either...

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