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Root Texting for CM10.1 mod


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Dec 17, 2012
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Hey guys..i found a txting app that works through wifi!! It keeps your actual number! It works for me!!
I have tested it on the cyanogen mod that we have for our powerful little device! And it works!
Enjoy!! :D :)


If that does not work then try this one


Have you ever tried Go sms pro? That has always been an alternative in the past for CM roms. I just like it cause you can theme it. Just another suggestion. ;)
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Did you try the Texter app? The description sounds like it might work, but it FC's on stock.

Also, Contacts + app says it only for other Contacts + users...

It FC's on CM10, too.

i tried them both..and they both worked on me. I'm using stock though because i use 4g more then anything else so..yea. It's just wierd that it does not work for you guys though? :thinking:
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