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Stop in and let us know how you like it after you've had it a while.

I've got an upgrade but haven't made a move yet. I usually wait to get a new phone until the old one dies.

I will! I probably should've been more patient and waited until next month for the big releases.. but I was just so excited to upgrade. Bionic seems like a decent phone (I don't have it in my hands just yet - shipping and will be here tomorrow.) and of course, it's already been rooted by the awesome android community ahead of the release. But I'll play around with it for awhile and let y'all know. :)
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I'm still waiting to see what Apple does next month. Right now I am not pleased at all with the direction that Verizon is taking Android phones - anything decent is too big. The Inc2 seems the only VZW Android phone worth getting with a screen smaller than 4.3", and I'm just not all that excited about it. I may go that way next month, though.

Good luck with the Bionic!
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You'll still be around, right?

Best of luck with your new Bionic...please keep in touch with us here (and elsewhere).

By the way, I miss your original avatar (I thought it was pretty neat) :).


I'll still be around.. not pitching my Eris! It's been a great little phone! It surpassed all of my expectations!! :)
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