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The Bionic has surpassed my expectations!


Android Expert
Dec 8, 2009
Cleveland, OH
Coming from the OG DROID, a two-year-old device, I had somewhat HIGH expectations for the Bionic. Less than 24 hours later, and non-stop tinkering, I can tell you that I am much more than satisfied. This thing ROCKS!!! :cool:

I am somewhat disappointed that I didn't make it through the entire day without rooting though. :eek:
What a freakin' GEEK!!! ;)

No bloatware, no bricks, it's all good. :) :D :p

If you're on the fence ... get OFF and get you some BIONIC!!!
Going back to Android and to this phone was a big sigh of relief considering that I was using a BB. BB has a bad and stale OS and the apps were absolutely horrible. I personally like onscreen keyboards with predictive text and was a pain to have to make sure that I typed everything correctly on the physical keyboard. I still have to put this phone through its paces through daily use but I still have so much stuff to download and organize on my device that it's going to take awhile. Hehe
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I've been pretty impressed so far coming from an Incredible. I'm loving how fast it is and the bigger screen, i was growing tired of my Incredible's small screen. I just wish I didn't hear all this talk about the penitle screen otherwise I probably never would've noticed the pixelation. It was the first think I looked for when i get the phone heh. I still think it's a really nice display though.
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I'm loving the Bionic. I'm rooted and use LauncherPro and Swype. The screen looks fine to me, but I can notice some graininess if I look for it. The speed and smoothness are fantastic. The Prime or HD may be better when they come out, but who knows when they will actually release? I feel like I have the best phone out there right now. No sense in waiting.
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