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Root [Theme] Star Wars for Liberty X 1.5

Here is my second go. I only changed a little bit. Some new status bar images and a few other framework changes. I had trouble getting the text color to cooperate with me so i lost some of the black menu buttons, cause black text on black buttons just don't work lol.

Included in theme-

Notifications and Ringtones
Star Wars Boot Logo
Star Wars Boot Animation
Pandora with transparent widget
Black Themed Market
Black Skinned Keyboard

Install Instructions-

Boot animation and logo can be installed through Liberty Toolbox. Follow their instructions for those.

Reboot into clockwork recovery
mount system
install zip from sd card
reboot and enjoy


I take no responsibility for what can happen to your phone by installing this theme. Please be sure to make a backup as always.

Download Here-


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Why is this still up if the link provided isn't valid anymore?? -___-

Sometimes the member/provider of the link will come around to update old links (most often not). But the main thing is, Staff does spend time updating links in the stickies, but the forums at large just age naturally, the threads and old links fading off to distant pages unless bumped. ;)
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