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Accessories This case is dead sexy!


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Oct 1, 2009
Spigen always knows how to make a damned fine case without breaking your wallet!


LG G4 Case, Spigen® [METALLIZED BUTTONS] LG G4 Case Protective **NEW** [Neo Hybrid]
It is a looker but I still don't get covering up the LG G4 leather back. If you have the plastic back then fine it's an upgrade but I just can't see myself ever covering the leather version. A screen protector? Maybe. A case, never.
I would much rather wrap a phone instead of risking having scratches dings and possibly cracked screens regardless of how gorgeous a devices design is :)
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just an fyi I got this case when amazon had a sale a month ago for 3 bucks. It looks cool but its pretty cheap quality. the "polycarbonate" frame snapped after one days use, and the rubber back was pretty slippery. glad I only paid 3 bucks. I got the spiegen matte black hard case for 3 bucks too and it doesnt look as cool but its really nice. super slim and firm, and the rubber back gives you a great grip. i also tried buying the mint green hard case but returned it. it was like holding a piece of soap
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