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Help Thunderbolt won't work! why?

Ok, so you meant to say your camera doesn't work. Your TB itself is clearly working fine. Have you tried pulling the battery and waiting a few minutes? Have you tried clearing data/cache under camera in menu>settings>manager applications>all? Have you tried a factory reset? If you've tried all of this and it still doesn't work I'd take a trip to Big Red
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Worm, I've tried pulling the battery and the SD card. same deal. after that, i went into recovery mode and cleared the cache. it doesn't do the same thing with that one shot but now it does it to other new ones. I dont want to factory reset so I came here looking for answers first

Have you tried clearing the camera data/cache like I suggested above? I don't understand why rooted user hate wiping data? It solves 99.9% of all the issues people have.
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