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Help Unable to access Market after factory reset


Apr 15, 2012
I seem to have gotten myself quite stuck.

I was trying to free up space in my phone's memory for apps when I deleted 'flexprovider' without knowing it would utterly screw up my phone. Unable to access any menus or settings without a force close, I thought i'd factory reset.

I can now access my phone's menus, make calls, access the internet, but the Android Market appears unusable - showing a force close message that quickly disappears and the application hangs. Seeing as I have no other way of getting apps I used before, this makes my phone quite useless.

I've tried looking for the right Market apk all over the internet, but the same thing happens when I install the apks - they are the same version as before, seemingly, but don't work at all. I have also tried reinstalling Android 2.1 using a data cable and LG's software. No dice.

Am I pretty much screwed? Is there a way for me to get the Market back outside of rooting (which I've not yet attempted, though seeing as outside of basic functions my phone's a brick anyway I don't see what I have left to lose) I've tried factory resetting again and again, but that Market stays gone.

Please help!
Got a friend in the know to get Cyanogenmod installed on the thing - worked a treat! It's like I have a new phone and i'm digging how smooth things run now.

There's no reason not to root/mod providing you trust yourself to do it - and it definitely wasn't worth paying out the 20 quid Carphone Warehouse wanted to reflash the thing. They actually recommended I try reflashing/custom roms instore seeing as the GT540's an oldish handset now.

Shame the normal firmware was so easy to bugger up though. I won't go poking around too much again. No need now I have Apps2SD anyway.
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Go to accounts and sync and choose to add an account. This will get you synced with you google account and should clear up the market problems.
If not:
Are you rooted? Do you have a custom recovery installed? You might be able to clear it up by wiping the cache partition and the dalvik cache in the custom recovery.
Downloading another market app will probably not solve the problem.
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By your reply I would say you are not rooted. Rooted means you have used an exploit to install the SuperUser binaries and an app to control access by rooted apps. This gives the user root access to all the files on the phone, all of them,even those hidden (must have a file manager that has that option). It will allow you to change, or add , or delete any file. Even change permissions of a file.
It also helps to install Busybox which has even more binaries to help with even more rooted tasks.

I'm not sure what happened when you reset your phone. You might have to root and install a custom flash_image (used to flash/install a custom recovery), a custom recovery (used to install a custom ROM/system), and custom ROM (this is all the software that makes you phone what it is when you turn on the screen, and then some).

The custom recovery is also very important for making a complete backup of your system/ROM (this is called a nandroid backup). If you ever mess anything up again (even us seasoned ROM flash-a-holics mess things up) all you need to do is go back to the restore option in the recovery to restore the backup. After it installs everything will look just like it did when you made the backup.

Warning: If you root the phone it will void the warranty. If you root the phone you may never use the factory reset in the phones menu, you have to install a custom recovery which has the "wipe data/factory rest" option in it. This is the only option to factory reset you can use. If you use the one in the phones menu you will brick your phone (it means it will only boot to the LG Logo no matter what you do, effectively making it as useless as a brick).
If you still want to proceed then PM me (click on my name and a drop down menu will appear, select to send me a private message).
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