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Universal iPhone Coming?

Apple poised to make 'universal' iPhone, says analyst - CNN.com

"Apple has the pieces needed to build an iPhone model that can connect to just about any cellular network."

This is a possibility that I haven't thought about. It would make sense. If this is the way they go, then Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5 for Verizon in just a few months.

That's pretty sad considering current iPhone users are just NOW getting their Verizon iPhones.
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is it a coincidence that AT&T & Verizon will be using tbe same 4g technology, and they are the two iPhone carriers? Or is this something Apple orchestrated? If it's the latter, then they have a LOT more influence than I ever gave them credit for.

LTE and HSPA+ aren't the same 4G technology, as far as I know... granted, I haven't looked that far into it.
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