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Root Unrooting

thanks lads...
im takeing mine back to the unrooted state with the 2.2 ruu..
only because im sick of my phone turning off all the time. this has ony
been a problem since i rooted the phone and after varios roms and constant
trying to get it sortied i feel its better to be without a2sd+ for the sake of my sanity...
will keep you updated if this solves the problem :rolleyes:
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the ruu that was postied here fails to find the usb connection....
useing the old copy i first used: RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.09.405.8_Radio_32.43.00.32U_5.09.00.20_release_140022_signed
runs even though it shows its an older version than curently in my phone then a quater way into the instalation i get an id error and it terminates the install :eek:

the error im getting is ERROR[131]:CUSTOMER ID ERROR
this is with the above stated ruu
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I'd like to ask a question in this thread if I may? I have rooted my Desire using unrevoked. I have not yet loaded a custom rom - still using the original rom, The phone needs to go back for a repair to the Micro USB socket so should I need to unroot in case they notice and I find the warranty invalid? will putting the phone back to factory settings do this?
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You could do it another way...you'll need a card reader and micro SD adapter...

1. Download the RUU the matches your vendor code, e.g. x.xx.405.x, from shipped-roms
2. Once downloaded, start running the RUU and once you get to the first screen click Start>Run on your PC and type


3. Look for the most recent folder created in there. In this folder will be a ZIP file called Rom - copy it to the desktop
4. Once copied, close all windows and exit the RUU program
5. Rename the ROM file to PB99IMG.zip (not PB99IMG.zip.zip) and copy it to the root of your SD card (not in any folders)
6. Put the SD card back into your phone, hold volume down and press power
7. Assuming you boot into HBOOT it will find the file and ask you if you wish to start the update. Press volume up for Yes
8. Assuming it works you'll be back to stock!
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