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Update contacts with facebook info...


Nov 23, 2009
Is there a way to automatically sync facebook friends and info with your facebook friends? The only way i know right now is to go to each contact and link there info through the friends list from facebook. this hs to be done one by one and would take hours. can it be done automatically?
OMG Lekky you are a life saver!

Having previously spent 3 yes THREE days syncing my facebook friends with contacts one by one, I was pretty annoyed when I chose to back up my contacts onto gmail only to find that there was an error due to too many changes on my phone contacts and instead the gmail backed up onto my phone... :mad:

I wasn't even looking for this thread, just stumbled upon it :D

Now practically all my contacts and facebook friends are matched up, and I've cleared a lot of clutter on my gmail contacts... life is sweet :cool:
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Hi, Mine says friend list unavailable or loading.. It has been doing that for hours. Where do i have to enter my credentials in order for it to pull the facebook?

@animrod, you can go to Settings / Social Networks / Facebook to log in.

Also, it may just be that you don't have Wifi or Mobile Networks active (to download the data); you can either use the toggle buttons (I have this on one of my home screens so I can easily switch them off to conserve battery life) or go to Settings / Wireless Controls and tick Wifi or Mobile Networks :)
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