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Root Update when rooted?


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Oct 22, 2010
Roseville, CA
Just a quick question, when you are rooted, can you still update to newer firmwares/software(for example Froyo, if it gets released)? I read on another forum, if you root a phone, you can't update. Is this true? If I un-root the phone, can I get updates? I used Universal Androot, if it helps...
Yes, unless you have a rom installed, removed stock apps, and/or have a custom recovery. custom recovery blocks it, removed stock apps will cause it to fail because lg uses a patching system instead of a find>replace system

I believe this is right, but IF the update is ever released, i/we have to go all the way back to v6 to get ota updates back cus drell's stock v8 isnt really stock right? that is if i didnt make a backup of my stock rom.
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Sounds about right, but really, it's very easy to return to stock. Check out the forums here to see how. First thing I did when I rooted and flashed Velocity was to undo the process so I would know how when/if the time ever came that I would need to. Froyo may or may not be the reason. I've got a wait-and-see attitude about it. Wait until it's been out long enough to uncover all the stuff that doesn't work as expected and see if Verizon/LG fix them or not. :D
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