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Even though we will have had our Droid X's less than two years, many of us will have the opportunity to upgrade to a new phone in 2011. I know Verizon will let me do it in May.

With that in mind, any thoughts on what phone you'll want to upgrade to?

I'm ready to start getting excited for my next phone like I was excited for the Droid X to launch.
There's no possible way to get excited about switching over to a phone coming out in May because as of right now the X is still the best device on the market. Come May that will certainly not be the case, but I haven't seen the next 'IT' phone out there yet.

It will take a dual core, LTE phone capable of blazing fast speeds to dethrone the X... nothing out there matches that description yet.
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well as of RIGHT THIS MOMENT, because you can't really say what you are going to like in a month when the new "COOLPHONE" phone is announced, and when I say you i mean me lol...

But at this very moment I am wanting the Nexus S. I hope it comes to verizon next year. If it doesn't, I'm positive there will be something else to come along.
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I thought the Nexus phones were supposed to be available to any carrier? At any rate, I was surprised that Google released the Nexus S as it is. I figured they would have waited until dual core processing was available, and 4G. As it stands now, it's not that much more advanced than the Nexus 1.

And I was REALLY wanting to see a bad ass Nexus 2 come out so I could jump onto it... unlocked bootloader, limitless ROMs, no need to hack it to death... but the S is not what I was hoping it would be. Perhaps they have a Nexus 'X' coming out in the spring with everything I was hoping it would have.

That's my dream phone. Completely unlocked phone with dual core processors, or 2 ghz (either or would suffice), 4G connectivity, a 4+ inch display (at least Nexus got that part right with the 'S') and a vanilla Android UI.
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My next phone will be the Motorola T2 Droid. Its the first Droid to run 2.3 Gingerbread, will have a dual core processor, and my personal favorite front and rear cameras for video conferencing plus it will be 4G LTE. Its slated for first quarter so should be out before the end of March 2011. There are 2 HTC's and an LG for Verizon 4G but the T2 Droid from Motorola is bad @$$.
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Since we're still in 2010 (barely) its tough to speculate on what will happen when for 2011. Like previous posters have said, I too will wait until there is a definite handset improvement, which I'm sure will come at some point. But for now the DX is the best thing out there - and with the recent upgrade to 2.2.1 I really can't complain. I'm more excited to see what Gingerbread will bring to my DX than what phone will replace it.
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I am gonna pass on 4g, any 4g as the pricing is really gonna s^ck....I will probably get the motorola tablet and use it wirelessly or if verizon subsidizes it will get the minimal data plan.....for all you people getting excited about 4g, have you seen the costs?? 50 bucks for 5 gigs and you can hit the limit in a little over half an hour (thats straight downloading of course) but with that kind of speed 5 gigs isnt going to cut it
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