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Use GPS Navigation without a Destination!


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Nov 29, 2009
For the longest time, I would use Maps and see myself driving, but the map never rotated in relation to the direction I was going. This bugged me because it seemed like a simple GPS feature that Google should have included.

Well, with the newest Maps update (ver. 4.4.0), you can now go into Navigation and let it run without a destination and still see your location on the map and it'll rotate accordingly.

Click on the Navigation icon from the app drawer. You'll see a list of options and at the top where it says "Choose Destination", you'll see a little map icon on the far right. Click that and now you'll just see a map showing your current location and it will follow you when you drive around.


Edit: Removed navigation screenshot.
oh I wish I knew about this yesterday. My daughter and I were walking around the old part of Charleston, SC with the cobbled streets and old houses and I pulled up Navigator for a map of just the streets to see where we wanted to walk, etc. and I couldn't get it to work even in walking mode because it required a destination. Thanks for mentioning this. I haven't used the navigation on the eris much as I have a gps for the car but this would have been perfect.
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