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Help Useful Droid X Mod?


May 20, 2011
Hey everyone,

So I'm relatively new to android modding, I got sick of waiting for the Gingerbread update and decided to go ahead and root/flash it. I was easily able to get the .595 deodexed/rooted version running but now I feel unsatisfied and want to change more.

I was looking at different mods and the only one that stood out to me was CyanogenMod but unfortunately that isn't available for the X. I saw Apex 2.0 was working for .591 but didn't see anything stable for .595 leak.

Can anyone suggest a good battery life and performance enhancing, blurless rom?

i haven't tried any roms for GB myself. but i know some people here have.

I can tell you though that the reason you didn't see an Apex 2.0 for .595 is because Fab originally said he was not redoing it again until the official OTA came out. However now that it still hasn't came out he did tweet the other day about possibly going ahead and redoing it for .595. I really liked Fab's work on Froyo and it always performed well for me.
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