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Uses for a retired android phone?

There are of course the usual donations to schools, seniors, etc.

As well as the home entertainment uses of an MP3 player, fitness, etc.

I can also picture using it for home security perhaps. Motion sensor and webcam built-in. Or at least as a drop cam.

Tracking device for your car? kid? (though without data it would never be too accurate.)
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Using an unactivated phone works fine with airplane mode w/WiFi. In addition installing an app like groove IP will restore phone function via WiFi only if you have a Google voice account :)

A good way to repurpose tablets for those Star Trek fans is either placing large plexiglass panels with the tablets hidden underneath for instant LCARS Enterprise consoles, or repurposing them as PADDs
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I actually wish i had an old spare android. My worst android phone ever (samsung galaxy europa) that i used for a month as a very cheap stand-in would be fun to root now and overclock a custom kernel on it to see just how well (better) it could perform. Id maybe also use it as a spy cam to catch the cat chewing the leafs off my elephant foot (house plant/tree) :)
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For those lucky to have the large dash opening for the radio in their car, replace the radio with a tablet which fits, tether to a phone, mobile hotspot, wire in an external amp compatible with the headphone jack, instant Android powered car. Bonus, install Sherpa Personal Assistant and make the voice-controlled Buick Verano owners jealous.
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