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Help using mp3s


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Oct 22, 2009
I am trying to set an mp3 so when the alarm goes off it plays the song. I have created an folder called alarms on the sd card, but when I go to alarms it does not give me the option to select music or my song.

The same thing for contacts. At least with the contacts I can go to the song and select as a ringtone, but I used to have it as I could go to alarm and select the music and the same thing with the contacts.

Any suggestions?
I found this post in the evo4g forums at another site:

"The way I did it is, create the directory media/audio/ringtones/notifications/alarms. Now put all of your music files that you want to use in the alarms folder. You can now choose any of the files for ringers, notification, or alarms."

I tried this and nothing. It just loads defaults.
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I use a free app called Ringdroid which allows you to edit, clip, convert, etc. MP3s and then save them as alarms, ring tones, and notifications. This way what I create/convert/save shows up in whatever app I want (whether stock android or 3rd party) when setting the alarm, notification, or ring tone. I didn't know about the process you are following or I probably would've tried that first, but Ringdroid is free and easy, and it works. Everything I've saved shows up in Calendar, email, SMS, Facebook, phone, etc.

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"media/audio/ringtones/notifications/alarms" is wrong.

Create a "MEDIA" folder and an "audio" folder in it. "ringtones", "notifications" and "alarms" are three seperate folders in the "audio" folder.

Put your alarm in the "alarms" folder. Media/audio/alarms

Actually I found a better way. I downloaded Handecent and now it does what I want it to do.
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