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[Verizon] CWM Recovery Problem

Anytime I try to go into CWM, I get the dead droid with the red exclamation coming from it's chest.

I read here: Wallet/Red Exclamation Marks/Failed Reset - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

Others are having the issue, so I looked and installed Root Explorer, and found the file that I need to rename, but.. I CANT RENAME IT! And I've looked everywhere in Root Explorer as to how to get permission to rename the file and I can't locate it anywhere. I don't have a setting for permissions or anything.

The button you are looking for is located towards the top of the screen in RE it says "Mount as R/W" or something close to that. Below is a market screen shot and I am sure it is dated. Once you mount as R/W you should be able to rename the file without issue. You will need to navigate to the folder before changing to R/W.

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On my nexus it is in about the same spot but dark with light letters. Are you using the paid root explorer? If so you should have it. I believe the same company makes a free file explorer that doesn't include root functions.

You should also be able to use some other file explorers to do it but I am not too familiar with what others allow you to change the file system to r/w.
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I don't have the paid app and ES File Manager or what not doesnt show the system folder even after I checked the box for hidden files.

Posted in that thread for the CWR easy fix as the command line didn't appear to work for me.

I just replied with this post (http://androidforums.com/galaxy-nexus-all-things-root/465995-important-cwr-issue-easy-fix.html#post3723283) about how to manually remount /system as read-write via an adb shell mount command.

By the way, to get ES File Explorer to remount /system as read-write is done via this:

- download / install / open-launch ES File Explorer
- press the menu
- select Settings (bottom row, middle cell)
- scroll all the way to the bottom of the options
- look for the "Root settings" section
- check "Root Explorer" and acknowledge the "Experimental Feature" warning
- check the "Mount File System" (Mount /, /system as writable) checkbox

That should allow you to now navigate in any file explorer or rename the file manually via and adb shell or an on-phone Terminal until you either reboot or remount /system as read-only.

Hope that helps.

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Still no go with ES. Doesnt even show system folder. Followed your steps too.

Oh, yeah...I forgot that there's a trick to ES File Explorer (or I don't know how to use it right, but I know how to get where I need to go, LOL).

Go back into the same Settings menu, select "Home Directory" and enter "/" in there...

Then, you can exit the menu (press the back button once), you'll be able to navigate "Up" one directly level to the root / top level (i.e., "/") and then navigate to /system from there, etc.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Yes, ES File Explorer by default starts you at the /sdcard folder, and therefore you won't see the system file.

option 1) Hit the favorites button (upper left) and select the icon of the phone with the slash. Then you will see all the root folders. This is useful if you use SDCARD mostly and not the root folders.

Option 2) if you go to 'system' folder alot, you will want to go in and change the default home folder to the "/" folder. Select settings(three dots)>settings>Home Directory then delete contents and add /. While you are in there, scroll all the way down and make sure the last two selections are checked...mount and root explorer. Now you are all set.

To test, back out all the way, and restart ES file explorer. Should see all your root files.
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i have cwr permanently installed on my nexus. i followed bouchigo's method, and a method over at xda, however if i ever need stock recovery i may be in trouble :p


I've been trying to find a referenced thread by Bo re. that...can you link either or both of those methods (I'm more curious than anything...).

Thank you!
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