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[Verizon] Kernels???


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Dec 18, 2012
I am very much new at most everything root and custom ROM. That said thanks to many of you on this board and the wonders of YouTube , I feel I am able to get by with my meager knowledge of ROM's. What I can't seem to grasp is how/why/when to update or change kernels.

How do you know your build can accept different kernels?

Why do you change the kernel that was part of the build?

When do you know it is time to try different kernels?
Regardless of which kernel you try, use Trickster Mod app from the Google play store to customize your device more. The kernel is what controls the speed of your processor, color levels of your screen (getting rid of yellowish whites), adaptive brightness, quick charge, etc.

Most kernels allow for over/under clocking of the processor and gpu but each kernel is different. Some phones will respond differently to each kernel so find the one that works best for you and your phone. I like lean kernel but some people have issues with it. People love Trinity kernel but I often have issues with it. Good news is that changing a kernel requires little effort and little time.
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Just realize that TricksterMod is an app for your phone that helps you change the settings of various custom kernels. That said, it does not work with every custom kernel.

And I will repeat what UBRocked said. Not every kernel will work for you like it might for someone else. Always make a nandroid backup before flashing a kernel just in case. Once you find one that works well and you like, then that's pretty much it. You don't 'have' to change it once in a while.

good luck
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Very true. I have use Trickster Mod with stock kernel, lean kernel, tiny kernel, trinity kernel, zen series kernel...all with various levels of customization. The thing I like about the Trickster Mod app is that it limits the available options you can customize based on the kernel you are using. So if a kernel doesn't support gamma adjustment...you won't see that option.
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