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[Verizon] Titanium Backup

I believe [SMS/MMS/APN] Dialer Storage is the restore option for sms/mms on a stock phone or a stockish rom. However it's system data so as with any such item, be careful restoring and I don't know that I'd be too apt to do this on many custom roms anyway.

For example, on BAMF, it's listed as:
[SMS/MMS/APN] Phone/Mesaging Storage 4.0.3-eng.chaos.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

So I think that may not play well when restoring across other roms. I don't care about saving sms/mms anyway, but if I were, I think I'd use an alternate method. Cloud service or similar.
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I'm wondering if this will work with custom roms. My SMS storage is titled differently than stock, because I'm object liquid and the SMS application is customized for the rom. I imagine that it would work when simply updating the Roman, but switching roms...I imagine that would cause a problem. What do you guys think?
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