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Help Voice quality - hit or miss.


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Nov 6, 2009
The South
So anyone getting frustrated with voice quality? I make a lot of calls from my home office on my SGN, same location, same signal....

Some calls are freakin' awesome, better than moto! This is about 20% of the time.

All the other times, it's really annoying... like I'm only getting a part of the the voice spectrum on the other end... really have to listen hard to make the words of people out. Really about the same as the droid charge that I had.

Any suggestions? Is there a secret menu where you can change the call quality like on some phones?

edit: ALSO, most of the time the dtmf tones don't work... ie call a corp up with a menu where you have to hit a number.... hardly every works for me properly.... like "please enter your zip code"... slowly and distinctly hit the numbers firmly..... "I'm sorry, I didn't get 5 numbers, please try again".... grrrrr
I have struggled to understand people a lot on this phone. Its very frustrating to say the least. My wife has a rezound and listening to her talk was painful. She really has a lovely voice but on her phone it was ear piercing with the volume all the way down. I recently upgraded to 4.0.4 and I have noticed that my wife's voice is much less irritating and I can understand the person on the other end much better. I hated to give up on my custom rom but it was worth it alone for the better call quality.
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Thanks so far... I had a dx and it was amazing on call quality.

I have a bionic here and the call quality is just amazing, but the screen.... ugh I hate it.

I've used friend's razr's by swapping sims at work and freakin' amazing.

I just can't get moto quality on voice calls with my SGN.


I'm stuck on conf calls when I have to use my cell... last major one was 18 hours on the Bionic, and it worked great.

I'm just not satisfied with the call quality, really do hope it's not a samsung thing, and the next update fixes it all.
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I agree with this thread. The received voice quality can be horrible. Sounds like way too much compression on the backbone. As well, dialing dtmf tones is more than annoying. I had to hang up/call back into a conf call 10 times before the dtmf tones were recognized properly, with full signal strength.

People seem to hear me fine but I can barely understand 30% of the people I talk to.
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I definitely had trouble getting touchtones to go through a computerized menu before; calling the credit card company and entering my card number just wouldn't work. But I also think it has worked on other touchtone systems before... maybe specific to the receiving technology...

I've struggled with voice quality a bit too... it used to be absolutely horrendous, but now its not that bad... maybe its gotten better, or maybe i am just getting used to it... finding that volume sweet spot helps too. its supposed to be better on 4.0.4, fingers crossed!
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Dumped Samsung, got a RAZR, night & day.

I've had three Samsung phones over the last decade, the all sucked as phones with HORRIBLE outgoing and incoming sound quality. I figure if they can't get it right in 10 years, they never will. Thank goodness there is one company out there who remembers these things are supposed to be phones. Motorola invented the cell phone, remembers that the point is that it IS A PHONE & at least that part of the corporate culture still exists over there & I hope Google doesn't hurt that part of the company now that they own the place.

Maybe Samsung needs to hire some people that speak European languages. There are a lot of sounds in European linguistics that simple don't exist in East Asian languages and I don't think they have any idea what we're complaining about.
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