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Help Weird GPS issue

I've been experiencing this the last couple days with my phone.

If I go into the maps, it says I am in a particular spot (the same spot every time - where I was two weeks ago) in the city centre of Edinburgh, which is about 3.5 hours away. If I wait long enough, it then moves to a place (again, always the same spot - but this place I've not been) in a town about 1.5 hours away. Eventually, it then goes to where I am (home).

It'll then be correct for a good while but then if I leave it long enough, it will then again go to this place in Edinburgh or this other place a bit closer.

It even thinks it is very accurate (+-5 meters) when it chooses these places.

Any thoughts?
My guess is that google is using either wifi or cell tower location (not satelite) and somehow its database has the tower by your house located in Edinburgh.... and possibly thinks the wifi spot in your house is in that other town.... and then once it gets a satellite lock it gets your correct location. Try turning off "use google location data" and see what happens. It will take longer to identify your location but it should be correct (this probably won't work indoors though). Does this only happen in and around your home? If so I would bet that is the issue.
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