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Help what am i missing here?

Ringdroid is awesome.

IF you want to move them (though as mentioned, you don't need to) I always find it easiest to just do it on my computer. Open up the internal drive and the SD drive, drag and drop file to where you want it.

Thanks Tera.

Didn't think I had to move them either, but when changing ringtones (or in this case, a txt msg notification) when I browse for the newly created notification, it's in the folder on my sd card, but it doesn't show up in the list of available tones.

Also, this happens all the time when I use Gallery. I plug my SD card directly into my PC and move pictures around (ie reorganize them from the main folder to subfolders). WHen I go into Gallery and open that folder, all the OLD pics are there, but the new ones don't show up (even though they show up on Astro). In order to get Gallery to recognize the new pics, I have to reboot. A minor annoyance, but one I've noticed.

On the ringtone thing, I still can't understand why I can't seem to move files from my SD card into resident system mem???
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I assume you know this but wanted to make sure. You can just leave the ringtone on your SD card and use it from there. Just need to create a "ringtones" folder on the card.

You are 100% correct. I'm trying to move the folder from the SD card ringtones folder to the system/media/audio/notifications folder. Specifically, HandCent is great because I can customize notifications; but it will only (apparently) browse the /system/media/audio/notifications folder...and not the SD card.
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All you need to do is create a "notifications" folder on the SD card and move the sounds to that folder, they will then show up when you go to set a notification sound.

Well, I have a notifications folder on my SD card. Its under sdcard/media/audio/notifications. When I browse for notifications using HandCent, it is NOT browsing this folder for some reason.
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Android will look to specific folders you can create on the root of your SD card (if you take this step). "Notifications" and "Ringtones" are included in that list. I like having both b/c there are prompts for both in various apps and menus and I prefer to keep them separated to keep the list of available tones smaller when making a selection.
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