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What Android Phone?


May 21, 2010
I use a Nokia N900 just now and it's good. Kinda like having a pc in your pocket ;)

The multitasking and speed of everything is excellent but it lacks decent apps and Nokia are slow to develop and support the phone software. The actual phone interface is awkward too.

So what Android phone is the best? Money is not an issue. My main uses are browsing, email and I'm never off the phone for work. Flash is essential for some of the web site logins I use.

I am totally unfamiliar with Android and I will never buy Apple lol

I would prefer a hardware keyboard but it's not essential.

It can be a current model or something up coming.

Any help appreciated :)

Where are you? Different phones are available in different markets. In the US, it's difficult or impossible to move any given phone from one carrier to another, so you have to decide on a phone and a carrier at the same time.

Based on your criteria, any of the current or upcoming high end Android phones would be a good fit for you. Nexus 1, Incredible, Droid, EVO, or Galaxy S. I think the Droid is the best you can get with a physical keyboard but a lot of people don't like the keyboard, and there are a lot of good soft keyboards for Android. And since basically all Android phones have capacitive screens instead of resistive ones, they should be better for finger typing than your Nokia.
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