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Root what are your running temps in different situations?


Android Expert
Oct 24, 2011
im still trying to figure out whether i have the overheating issue. because i consider my usage to be heavy so idk.
so i live in the sf bay area weather here is not too warm. i usually run netflix and/or navigation while driving.
the phone never overheats by itself however if i use nrtflix for a good hour in the car temps reach 51c maybe more. gps use runs around 42-47 c and standard running temp is about 39c
sometimes 4g shows running but itll stall lag or just stop downloading for a minute or two. and id do a bunch of stuff from airplane mode to a phone call but it comes back by itself when it wants
id be watching utube itll stop buffering wait there for a min then blast and buffer the rest at its usual 4g speed.
so everyone please report usage type and temp.


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