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Help What is going ON at Google?


May 12, 2011
(Cross posted on droidforums.net)

I'll try to keep this brief, and I hope I'm in the proper forum.

I have a rooted 2.2 Incredible, and my main GMail account is now not syncing. It should be noted that this is a Google Apps account, and Google recently tried (I emphasize tried) to integrate AIM into their GChat interface. I use AIM because most of my family does. After finally realizing that Google Apps accounts cannot invite buddies from outside chat clients such as AIM, it looks like Google reinstated the original AIM through GChat functionality. Still, Talk on Droid gets authentication errors.

This morning I got an urgent message from GMail stating that I was logged in from an unauthorized location across the country in New York. I immediately changed my password on my Google Apps account, and now my account will not sync in Droidland.

Now, I'm not sure if this is fallout from the Google Apps transition snafu or from a simple password change, but the only solution Google can provide is to reset my Incredible to factory. To do this, I need to unroot and reset, and I'm not even sure this will help the sync issue (unrooting is easy).

I know this is not a root forum, but was wondering if anyone else is having sync issues?
I've come across this several times ever since 2.2 was released. Only fix most people report is a factory reset, however there was one user who claims to have stumbled on a fix...might be worth a shot:


Let us know if it works. Also, factory resetting doesn't lose root so even if it comes to that, you should be fine other than having to set the phone settings back up again. Then just restore market apps and their data via Titanium.
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