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What is your up time?


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Jan 26, 2010
My coworker and I both have the Incredible and we both take a different approach to taking care of it I guess. I turn my phone off every night (more or less to get that extra charge and not having to waste time turning it off) and she rarely turns hers off. Yesterday her up time was 165 hours whereas mine is usually about 16 tops. She has had more issues with her phone that a simple restart has fixed also.

So what about you guys? What is your up time currently?
My up time is only 25 hours because I turn off phone to top off charge.

I would restart my computer more than once a week (165 hours is almost a week).

I feel like doing the same with our smart phones is a good way to optimize performance since it is essentially a mini computer.

See, I turn off my computer every night too lol. Mainly because it is in my bedroom and it has a bright light on it and it increases the heat in my room. Does leaving something on for a longer period of time really optimize performance?
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Today mine was 16:45 hours Up time, 3:28 Awake time. I was at work for 12 hours, didnt have WiFi where I was, had 3G mobile network off when I wasnt using the phone, and rarely ever use the GPS, unless on vacation. My battery seems to work fine, all day and its just below half. I used the phone a lot during downtime, i'm and Air Control FIEND!
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