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Root Whew that was close!!!!!


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    on so many levels......LOL

    my phone had a bad screen. i had to bend the phone a bit on certain corners to get the screen to show.

    so it was close because:
    1) i almost took my upgrade not thinking about waiting......glad i did as the note 3 and the htc t6 looks pretty good though they are still just rumors.

    2) i took the phone to sprint and they said that i might have to get a refurb if they could not find a screen in the store. luckily they did...

    3) when i showed up to check on the phone.....the tech was about to update it.....i told him to stop!!!!!

    4) was thinking about unrooting, but then then decided on just a stock rooted rom before taking it in.

    so now i have a working and still rooted phone.....yay me!!!!!!

    just thought i share my experience with sprint as they have always done me right. and the fact it only took them less than 1 hr to replace the screen is amazing......i might have been slightly disappointed if they were to try and update the phone......though i doubt that it would have worked being rooted and all......LOL
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