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Who uses a secure lockscreen and why?


share the love peeps ;)
Sep 15, 2011
Paisley, Scotland, Western Europe
Personally I don't even use an insecure one.
My premise being that if a theif/finder who isn't tech savvy enough to reset a locked phone, they'll throw it away, it won't get charged and my tracking apps will be useless
All my purchasing apps require a password so I have nothing to lose but my privacy? Which doesn't mean much to me.
My sentiments exactly.
I used a pin code for almost a week.... then I went to a pattern code for almost a month,
then I said, "I have never lost a phone in my life.......... I keep a Neck Strap on them"
so to hell with it, and now it is just a Slide Screen.

IF it gets lost, the biggest loss is going to be to my pocket book.... I can change the password to Evernote in a Heart Beat with my desktop PC... so that won't work anymore.

I can use Google Desktop to erase the phone, so it is useless.
I have a piece of Brother Label tape on the back of the case.
My name on it, with my wife's phone number....

that is as good as it is going to get.

oh, I have MacroDroid programmed to monitor the SMS messages.
If it ever sees the phrase "whereami" not including the quotes,

it will turn ON the GPS, get a fix, and then reply to whatever number sent that message with the Lat/Long accurate to less than 30 feet.... good as it is going to get. ( assuming the sky is viewable, and the battery is still good, and the phone is ON... )
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Cool does turn on GPS work with lollipop? I use Lookout for that but it requires leaving GPS on.
I don't even use a slide screen tbh. My phone wont turn on via power button or double-tap of screen while it's in my pocket (proximity sensor covered) and I'm a lazy sod :D

seems to be working on my VZW loliploped phone...

I usually leave the GPS on all the time, and set to GPS only... I do not allow network or WiFi to interfere with the location. From my experience, even on 4.4.4 leaving the GPS turned ON has almost no negative effects on the battery life. Once in a while, I think I have it set for 30 minutes, I see the notification bar pop up a Location icon, stays for a few seconds and disappears.

I just checked my battery life, been using the phone quite a bit today, we were in town running a lot of errands, making phone calls, looking for stuff with Google, and with 22 hours on time, it is still showing me 33% battery left. that's not too shabby for me....

if I don't use it much, it will go 3 days between charges.

My wife's S5 is never used for anything but as a phone...
it will usually go about 10-12 days between charges.

It has a Qi charger in it, so it is an easy matter to plop it down on a charging pad
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I use a PIN, which takes me about a second to type. But I do set it to only come on after 3 a few minutes, so I don't have to enter it if my screen just times out when I'm not paying attention.

I did have a reset-proof security module, but apparently that option doesn't work with Lollipop (at least at the moment).
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i use lock pattern .. because I use dropbox and email for work.

I do use a time-out feature on the lockscreen.
it only locks if the phone is NOT used for 10 mins.
so active texting conversations do not get interrupted by lockscreens.

my guess: most of the time I am in a safe place.. but when I am not..
if I put it down.. it will take me a few mins for me to walk away.
another few mins for someone to notice and wait to see if it is safe to get it..
another mins for them to walk out to a safe area to play with it.
now.. it should be after 10 mins .. and locked.

then I will looked for it.. and GPS it... and locked it.. or wiped it.
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But I do use Smart Lock to keep it unlocked at home/office or when connected to my bluetooth devices.

Smart Lock FTW. I have a pattern configured, but automatically bypass it whenever I'm at home/work, connected to my Pebble/car stereo, or carried in my pocket (on-body detection). I'm a big fan of that combination of security and convenience.
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Smart Lock FTW. I have a pattern configured, but automatically bypass it whenever I'm at home/work, connected to my Pebble/car stereo, or carried in my pocket (on-body detection). I'm a big fan of that combination of security and convenience.
So how does smart lock work? Like I don't have wifi but could you say use GPS so it knows when you're in a safe place?
I still wouldn't use it for the reasons in my OP and if I had an app i wanted kept secure I'd use an app lock type app.
I don't care who knows my mums number lol, she'd be glad of the company :D

EDIT does anyone know how to add a password to Amazon Shopper app? I just ordered something as an experiment and wasn't asked for any security!!
Do I have to use an app lock on it?
Can't believe that, in the past its asked me security questions like the 1st 12 digits of my card!
(cancelled the order of course) :D
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Yup, you can specify "trusted locations" as well as "trusted devices".
Ahh that's pretty cool. Think I'll still keep mine unlocked permanently though for the theif/bin scenario :thumbsupdroid:
Gonna put an app lock on Amazon shopper tonight though after tonight's discovery of their security flaw
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