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Accessories Why don't any brick and mortar stores sell EVO Docks?


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Jun 21, 2010
I am a person that likes to look at something in person before I buy it. I am also a serial returner so I want the option to do that easily. One would think with the popularity of the EVO, someone would sell an EVO Dock at a real live store.

Best Buy - No.
Radio Shack - No.
CompUSA (formerly TigerDirect) - No.
Sprint Stores - No.

Is there some kind of law preventing stores from selling this thing? I am sure they would sell the heck out of it.
Which are you referring to? Car Dock or Desktop dock? Both are available in retails stores in my area.

I purchased the HTC branded hdmi dock in a sprint store here in Dallas last week...and just returned from a best buy store where I checked out fitment of the phone in the HTC car dock. best buy also had several other choices of "generic" car docks available
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until there's a standerdized input docking interface design for android phones i guess it's just not feasible product to sell.

This is true. Android needs a standardized hardware port to take the platform to the next level. There is fragmentiation within the Android family, and there will always be some given the openness and variety of manufacturers.

Having a standardized hardware port for accessory interoperability is a good idea.
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